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I am a serious reader.  My LinkedIn profile includes an extensive reading list that focuses on marketing books.  I try to keep an open mind and get as much as possible out of a book, but it’s often the case that there isn’t much new or the book basically has one message illustrated over and over again and I could have saved myself the time.  As much as I love business books, they often let me down.

Not so with these two books that I feel confident in recommending-not just to marketers, but to anyone for both business and personal use.    Switch, by Chip and Dan Heath, is a powerful book because it is written by two guys who know how to communicate better than almost anyone I can think of.  A great non-fiction book is built partly on content and partly on it’s ability to convey that content in an understandable, memorable and relevant way.   In their previous book , Made To Stick, the Heaths covered all the bases of how to make a point so that, it . . . well sticks.

Switch, whose subtitle is “How to change things when change is hard” can help you address a larger issue, which is how to communicate to change peoples’ behavior.  As you learn from the book, changing peoples’ behavior is like trying to ride an elephant (the use of metaphor by the way,  is one of the tools you learn from Made to Stick.)

A blogger is a communicator first and foremost.  Being able to make a point is essential to blogging.  But a  greater goal for a blogger would be to effect change,at least some small corner of the world?  The stories in Switch, of how individuals were able to create positive change in large organizations or entire towns is inspiring, but what I love most about this book is that it gives you easy-to-understand principles that you can use to apply to your own life.



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2 Responses to My Favorite Books For Bloggers
  1. Ramiro Roman
    March 24, 2020 | 1:50 pm

    Ilana, I’m intrigued by the metaphor you referenced: communicating to change behavior is like riding an elephant.

    Can you explain?

    • Ilana
      March 24, 2020 | 2:22 pm

      Ah, I wish that I could take credit for that one. In the book, Switch, this metaphor runs throughout the book. The rider is your conscious mind, the rational part of your thinking that weighs the pros and cons before making a decision. The elephant is the unconscious mind that is motivated by drives and emotions. We imagine that we are making decisions rationally, but in fact, it is the elephant part of our mind that is most powerful and generally rules the roost. The book explains how to get the rider to manage the elephant better as well as how to appeal to the elephant when you are trying to make change.

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