The (Personal) ROI Of Blogging


I can give you a list of ways that blogging will grow your revenues, sell your products or find you new prospects but the personal ROI on blogging is much more important.  It’s the story of how you can become a better person (who will then be able to do whatever you want more effectively.)

First, anything I can say on this subject  is better and more simply articulated in this video by Seth Godin and Tom Peters so you can watch this for 1 1/2  minutes and skip the rest if you want.

Why Blog?

That sums it up. but here are six ways I have found that blogging has helped me.

1.  A blog is a form of teaching and when you teach you learn. You are forced to formulate ideas clearly enough for other people to understand them. You are forced to organize and question your own ideas and then share them in a way that makes sense to other people.  For me, this is a great challenge.  I am not a natural teacher and I admire those who are.  They seem to be able to intuitively know how to build a verbal structure that communicates information to others with clarity.

2.  A blog allows you to test ideas. Anything you are thinking about goes out there into the public and they react for better or for worse.  Are your ideas worth spreading?  People will share them on Facebook or Twitter.  Is your concept flawed?  They will let you know in the comments. Is there a better to do what you have in mind? Look at your blog statistics and the information you get from where, how and how often your blog is shared and you will have a realtime focus group, for free.

3.  A blog is a calling card. It says more about you than a brochure style website or a business card or in some cases, even word of mouth.  When you go to a networking event and someone wants to know more about you, point them to your blog.  it’s a way to continue the conversation after a face-to-face meeting or to share with someone you would like to develop a relationship with.  They will read your blog and it is one of the ways they can decide if they want to connect more.

4. A blog can validate you and your ideas. When you first start out, there will be few people reading your blog but if you have used tags properly or started to market your blog, you’ll get found.  Just when you think that you’re not having any impact, someone from somewhere half way around the world will write a comment that says something like, “I really like what you are saying.  Please keep it up.” and you’ll get enough energy to keep going.  Or, maybe your post title will get the attention of someone with 10,000 followers on Twitter and you’ll suddenly get 500 visits.  Everyone needs validation once in a while to keep going.  Just remember number 5 when you don’t get the attention.

5.  A blog helps you find your true calling. When you are writing something that comes from your felt sense of what is true, you know it.  As you put things down on digital paper, you come to find a direction for your work.  It’s usually one simple statement about what you know that you are writing about over and over again in different ways.  Seth Godin has written scores of books and tens of thousands of words but they are about two words, “be extraordinary.” What is your sentence?

6.  A blog helps like-minded people find you. When you knock on peoples’ doors you are interrupting them. Write about the one thing that you know best and the people you need to meet will find you.  That’s how the search engines like Google determine what to show people when they plug words into a search engine.  They look at who is writing original content, refreshing it regularly and covering specific topics.  That’s the information that they like to share with people who search the internet.

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  1. Michelle Edwards
    June 7, 2020 | 4:32 pm

    Great advice. Your short list hit all the important reasons. And reading them today strengthened my coviction that blogs do matter. Thank you.

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    August 28, 2020 | 8:26 am

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