How To Write A Powerful Blog Post Title


The title of a post is the most important piece of a your writing.  If you don’t grab your reader at the headline, you have little hope of getting your post read.  As more and more free content on the web competes for your readers’ attention, it becomes increasingly important that your content be compelling and concise.

What makes the headline so important?  First, it is a promise to the reader about what’s in store.  You can write a brilliant, helpful and fascinating post, but if you don’t share what’s good about it right up front, it’s going to be like that proverbial tree in the forest. Write the headline first and then ask yourself, “does this sufficiently answer the question in every reader’s mind, ‘what’s in it for me?’”

The other reason a good headline is critical is that it is the part of your post that has the most search engine optimization juice.  That means that if you want people who don’t already know about you to find you when they are in need of the kind of help you are providing, if you word it the way they are thinking, it is more likely to come up when they type that question into Google (or Bing, or Yahoo) search.

The key to the headline is benefits.  For example, if you are writing a post about an event at your store, rather than simply stating “come in to see our new line of spring fashions,” ask yourself what is so interesting, special or timely about your new arrivals.  Did the new buyer select something she saw on the runway in Milan but at a price anyone can afford? Did you just get a “Mad Men” style dress in every size from 2-16?  The fascination is in the details and the details to share are the ones that are important to your customers.

As a matter of fact, if you are having trouble writing a compelling title you need to ask yourself if you really have something to say and if you don’t have something interesting and valuable to say, you may want to question whether your product or service stands out.

What’s better than a headline with benefits?  It’s a headline with benefits and emotion.  Consider the introduction of a new product.  Rather than telling people you are introducting 3 new creative toys for kids ages 2-4, try this: “3 new toys to make your toddler scream for joy.”

Of course your blog is not all about your products, service and offers.  If you want to gain the trust of the reader and establish your authority in the business, you need to be talking about the lifestyle surrounding the product.  If you are selling those toys for toddlers, you’re best off writing about how to select toys for children at each stage of development, how to store toys or how to get your kids to clean up their toys.

Once your post is live, you can do a little (unscientific) testing of the title.  Tweet the link with the title you chose and then day or two later,  try it again with another title.  How fair the test is will depend on how big your following is; how many people actually read your tweets and also a little luck.  After a while, you’ll learn what type of titles appeal to your readers most.



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