Five Tips To Help You Get More Facebook Comments


If you have a Facebook page for business, you’re probably focusing on how many people have liked your pages.  That’s important, especially in the beginning. But if you think that when you have 500 “likes” you are reaching 500 people with your posts, you’re not.  Facebook has a formula that they use to decide how many impressions your posts get and who it gets delivered to. The forumla is a secret of course (don’t you love the way Facebook wants you to be completely open but their operations are a mystery?) but we do know some things about what works.

The more people comment on your posts and the more people like them, the better you’ll do in getting your messages delivered.  I suppose that Facebook figures, if you are not just talking to people, but getting their attention and inspiring them to engage with you, you’re messages are worthy of disseminating.  A comment is worth more than a like, possibly much more. So, your job (unless you want to be talking to yourself on Facebook) is to encourage as many people to comment as possible.  How do you do that?

I wrote about this topic in detail over at Social Media Explorer where I gave many examples of companies that have received a high percentage of comments on some of their posts.  Either by accident or by design, they have cracked the comment code.  After reviewing many comment-generating posts, here’s what works the best:

1.  The first rule is that you have to ask a question. Better still, when you have asked the question, specifically request that the answer be put in the comments section. You can do this by saying, “let us know by adding your thoughts in the comments section” or “let us know what you think in the comments” or “what’s your point of view? the comments are yours.”

2.  The question could be one that gets to the heart of the burning issues in your field. If you are selling healthy food, the burning issue may be local vs. organic fruit. If you are a Disney fan, the burning issue may be who is the most evil villain of all the films.  You can always ask the “what’s your favorite. . . . ” and you’ll be sure to get a good number of comments but the question isn’t that interesting and can sound promotional.  Go deeper. Think like your customer to get to the heart of what matters and you’ll be able to generate comments.

3.  A good question requires thought and imagination. Create a scenario and ask the reader to imagine herself in it in a way that relates to your brand.  These are often if . . . then questions.  Let’s say you sell fine china.  You could ask, “if you had a party and could invite anyone living or dead to dinner, who would it be and why.”

4.  If you want to encourage comments, ask a question that makes people want to share with others and hear what they have to say as well. NPR did this to perfection with the question:  “We want to know the image that first forced you, as a child, to think about the possibility of nuclear annihilation. Mushroom cloud? Bomb shelter? Chernobyl?  Post your memory in the comments below.”  This question had the added benefit of invoking emotion and memory-a very powerful way of engaging with people.

5.  Make sure the tone and content of the question are appropriate to your brand. The tone can be humorous, snarky, serious, technical or fun but it should reflect the way your brands speaks to the world.  While a great question often does not talk about a particular product or service, it needs to talk to the lifestyle or mindset of the person who uses your product or service.

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