Notes from BlogWorld Expo - Jay Baer On The Now Revolution

The first session I attended at BWE was with Jay Baer, co-author of The Now Revolution and blogger at Convince and Convert.  Jay is a terrific presenter who spoke in a casual, yet professional and engaging way, with plenty of humor.

Social media requires experiential learning.  There’s no handbook that can explain what you need to do. Since social media comprise a set of tools, you need to learn to use the mechanics and then apply them to your brand, your business model , your budget, your capabilities and of course, your customers.  Once you start doing that, you’ll learn more from your results and the feedback you get than anything a book can tell you.

Social media is 24/7. Facebook is most active on Saturdays.

You need good success metrics. The problem is not the availability of data. It is the decision of what to measure.  Your business should decide what constitutes success and focus on the numbers that apply.  If it’s loyalty you can look at repeat visits or purchases.  If it is reach, look at traffic, etc.

If you can’t share your results with employees you don’t have a social media problem, you have a hiring problem.

The best corporate blogs are not about your company. A real estate blog is about the town it is in or tips on making moving easier.  Case Study:  Martel Builders provided helpful information for people who were in the market for a home and reduced their dependence on realtors from 90% to 12% and shortened the sales cycle because people actually knew and trusted them beforehand.

Social media is not a unicorn; it’s a horse.  In other words, there’s nothing magical. It’s just a new way to do old fashioned marketing like saying thank you to a customer who says something positive about you in public. If someone says something negative, you should also communicate, find out what is wrong and in both cases, send a coupon.

Share stories of real people who use your product or service. We remember stories about people, not about your factory or your drill press.

Don’t cross the line between being responsive and stalking.  Chill the sales talk. Be helpful first and you earn the right to promote later.

Whatever business you are in, you are now in the media business. You are producing verbal and visual content for an audience.

Social media is too important to be the job of one person. In the fifties and sixties typing was new and it was a job.  Entire departments were dedicated to people who typed.  Today that work is integrated into what everyone does.  This will become true of social media as well.  Since consumers have trouble reaching people through call centers, they will ask their friends who they know at a company.  If their friend happens to know the company’s lawyer, that’s how that person is the contact for that customer.  Many individuals in a company are on LinkedIn.  People who want to reach the company may go to one of them who isn’t an official customer-facing person.  Everyone in a company needs to be prepared to deal with the public.

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