How To Get Free Market Research


Maybe you started your business to solve a problem you were having.  Crutchfield, the company that sells audio equipment for cars was started by someone who couldn’t find the specialized products he needed for older cars.  Foiled Cupcakes was started by a mom who couldn’t find a bakery to deliver cupcakes for her kids. When you are your own customer, it makes product development, marketing and sales a whole lot easier.  All you do is pay attention to your own needs and desires. You know your market because you are your market.

But lets say that’s not how it happened and the key to your customer is not in your head. Then make sure you hire people who are your customers.  At Lion Brand Yarn Company, we look for people who know how to knit or crochet. For some jobs, like pattern development, it’s obviously a requirement, but for others, like sales and marketing, it’s a strong preference. When we look at packaging, product development, or advertising, unless a dedicated yarn user is weighing in, we would be missing a critical point of view.

If you are an agency or consultant and you didn’t come from a brand, hire someone who did. If you are a wholesaler, hire someone who was a retail buyer. If your product is hardware, hire a builder.

Getting into your customers head, understanding her mindset, her point of view, is something you need to be doing with every move you make. You can’t wait for research studies and you certainly can’t pay for all the insight you need moment and day to day in your business. It’s much more effective to hire your customer.



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