How To Use Twitter To Bring Visitors To Your Blog


When you first start blogging you will be talking to a very small group of people.  That’s fine. It will be like a private opening where you’ll have the chance to learn as you go. If you keep writing, you’ll improve, because the more you write, the better you get.

But a blog  gives you one more way to improve.  A blog gives you feedback every day.  You will know how many people visit your blog, how many people read each post, where they came from, and what, if anything, they’ve got to say to you in response. Have you hit a chord?  Has someone halfway around the world found you while searching for something about your topic? You’ll know all this, and the more you write, the more you’ll learn.

Twitter can help. It can help people discover you.

Here is how:

Seek out people who share your interests.

Since it will be a while before readers locate you in the blogosphere,  you can find  them on Twitter, where people are often looking for ways to discover more content about the unique topics that you write about.

But let’s step back a moment because you don’t get people to read your blog by following prospects and telling them about your blog. You have to establish a relationship with them first.  Start by finding people to follow who share an interest in your blog topic.

How to find like-minded people on Twitter

Let’s say you are writing about classical music.  Search the hashtag #classical by going to  A new world of people who share your interest will open up to you when you type that hashtag into Twitter search.  Try a few related hashtags, like #beethoven or  #mozart as well.  Follow the people who say interesting things or provide helpful links about classical music.  Some of them will follow you, but don’t worry about that for now.

Start conversations with them.  If they ask questions or make a comment and you have something to say, say it publicly by addressing their handle with the @ sign and tweeting your response.  Compliment people who impress you.

Retweet people who tweet good content.

Ask your own questions of them to show your interest.

Do this for a few weeks.  They may look at your profile and wonder about you.  “Who is this nice, interested person?”  They may click on the link to your blog in your profile (so make sure it’s there).  After a while of engaging in a genuine and generous way, you can occasionally (every 5-10 tweets) share a link to one of your blog posts.  Make sure to include hashtags so people who don’t follow you will find the content you are tweeting about when they search Twitter.  You’ll start seeing people click through to your blog.  If your content is good, they’ll come back.  They may even subscribe.


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    It turned out that getting visitors from search engines is not just alone but with a social network can also bring in visitors.
    Thank you very useful information.
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