A Tale Of Extreme Engagement And A 40% Conversion Rate


I recently heard Cliff Ravenscraft interviewed on Blogcast FM by Srinivas Rao.  Cliff is one of those people who leads by example in the realm of following your passion.  He is passionate about podcasting but he got into it from what I’d call a micro-passion-the t.v. show Lost.  His “Lost” podcast led to podcasts on a variety of topics as he explored different areas he was passionate about.  Fortunately he did not have to focus on money and he didn’t, because reality of following your passions is that it takes time to reap financial rewards.

What was perhaps most fascinating and instructive was Cliff’s description of the podcast he developed about his family life from a Christian perspective.  After three years, that podcast has a total of 1,000 listeners.  Apparently though, this is a highly engaged audience.  Cliff said he could name the first name, last name and 3 personal details about 800 of them as a result of his interaction with them through email.  That requires more than passion. It requires dedication and hard work. How could that ever be profitable with such a small audience?  Before you dismiss the possibility based on numbers, consider these numbers.  In one podcast, 400 of his listeners made a purchase, bringing in revenue of five figures.

That’s engagement.

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  1. Leo Dimilo
    July 27, 2020 | 10:01 am


    That’s engagement and something that most marketers should take to heart. You don’t have to have that huge list of followers to make an impact. The key isn’t how many involved, it is how many are willing to participate.

  2. Blog Larson
    August 2, 2020 | 10:23 am

    In marketing world, customers are usually remembered when the marketer is talking to them. However, when the conversation is over they are forgotten. Oftentimes people won’t care anymore how much the price is, they are concern on how they are valued and remembered. In the end, building relationships is offering far better results than building links!

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