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I’m a regular contributor to the Social Media Explorer blog by Jason Falls.  Most of the other contributors are owners of marketing agencies.  I’m impressed with their ability to assimilate their wealth of knowledge and use it to provide structured, step-by-step guidance to their clients to help them be better marketers.  I’m a bit handicapped in that respect.  I have worked for a brand for many years. I never had the formal training that would allow me to lay everything out as I first developed a website, then an e-newsletter and finally a social media presence.

I did have one thing going for me.  I was able to put myself in the customer’s place and think about her needs.  I may not be an owner of the business I work for but I treat it as if it is my own.  I am devoted to the customers and feel a responsibility to  support their use of our products in ways that somehow makes their lives better. It’s on that basis, along with the full support of the owners and in recent years, the help of a smart, dedicated team, that we were able to build an unusually large and engaged community of people in a focused niche: those who knit and crochet.  They visit our site over 24 million times a year. Nearly 200,000 of them like our Facebook page and comment by the hundreds on each post.  They have watched our YouTube channel over 2 million times.

What I’ve discovered, is that it is your mindset-even more-it’s what’s in your heart as your market, that matters.  Here are a few of my posts from Social Media Explorer that address what I’d call marketing by feeling:

How To Successfuly Break The First Rule Of Social Media

Instead of focusing on what you want to get out of your social media efforts, concentrate on how you can be helpful to your readers.  Look for opportunities to be helpful Be generous. Be open. Be honest.  That’s your strategy.  If you are stuck, trying to figure out how to make your play in social media or if you have been developing your Facebook, Twitter and blog presences and are getting nowhere, redirect your energies.  Start with how you should be, and don’t worry about what you should do.  It will become obvious.

How To Figure Out What Kind Of Content To Provide

The measure of success and failure in social media is the reaction that your audience has to the content you offer.  That includes the traffic, shares (retweets, likes, stumbles, etc) and comments you get on the content you produce.  You could sit down with your marketing team or your executive committee and devise a formal structure that will guide you in developing the strategy and details of this content.  After all, it’s has to be good and you have to have a plan.  Or, you can care deeply about your customers.  Depending on your company’s offering it might be that you care about their success, pleasure, growth, safety, or well-being.  Start with that genuine desire to lift people up in some way. and you’ll know what to do.

How To Get Millions Of Followers By Becoming The Media

You don’t need the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times or People magazine to cover your story.   They have millions of readers but what percentage of them are the people who use your product or service and would read an article about it every week in those publications?  The fact is that if the most popular blogger in your field loved your business, you’d probably be better off.  Could you become the most popular publication in your industry? The most popular t.v. show (YouTube channel)?  Then you wouldn’t have to keep waiting for someone to accept your content or schedule your interview.  You’d just schedule it yourself and publish it whenever YOU decided to.

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  1. Blog Larson
    August 2, 2020 | 10:17 am

    Marketers should keep in mind that the center of the conversation or issue is not the one selling rather the customer or the reader! This is a basic principle in marketing that classrooms can teach teach but is only practiced and learned through actual experiences. And to figure out what these people want? Very simple, you - yourself - is part of the consumer you exactly know what you need.

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