How Twitter Turned A Customer Into Cinderella


At Lion Brand Yarn Company, where I am VP of Marketing, we work hard to connect with as many customers, both as a group and individually.  Our yarns are sold at major retail chains in the U.S. and all over the world and a few years ago, we opened our own branding store called the Lion Brand Yarn Studio on the first floor of our New York City offices.

One of the people on our team, Jess, talks to people on Twitter (yes, knitters are on Twitter!) and on Facebook and we respond to most comments on our blog.  It takes a lot of time to acknowledge our community but we believe that it’s a very, very important part of our job.  Recently, Jess had a conversation with one of our customers, who was coming from out of town to visit our store and told her that when she’s here she should give Jess a shout since our department is a few floors up from the store.

Jess did meet the customer, Stacy  today and had a lovely time.  We learned a lot more about this customer and her impressions of our brand, both before and after the meeting.  But the best part is how it made this one person feel.   It was worth everything!




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