How To Avoid Having Your Facebook Business Page Stolen


There are many ways that businesses get content on their Facebook pages .  I have arranged for one community manager, who is a full-time in-house employee to handle Facebook but I have a feeling that’s not typical.

I’ve spoken to small business owners who hire part, students, freelancers, virtual assistants and a variety of other types of workers to manage their pages.  Many of these businesses have more than one person who posts to Facebook.

For larger companies, their agency may handle the content on Facebook and that agency may be hiring a freelancer or part-time person—possibly someone they have never met in person.

Assuming that the content is engaging and the community is growing, what’s the problem with this? The problem is that everyone who works on your Facebook page has administrative access.  And, if people move on to other jobs, or agencies let a community manager go or downsize, there may be people with access to your page who have reason not to be loyal to you.

Facebook page administrators have the keys to the store.  Like your business, you’ve invested time and/or money in Facebook.  It is one of the public faces of your brand.  Whoever has the keys can change the password, share it with others, hijack your page and write anything they want.

Make sure you know and trust the people managing your page and when people leave, make sure to change the password.  Facebook is a relatively new kind of business property.  Keep track of those who hold the keys.

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