The Route To Revenue: Stop Selling And Start Helping.


I downloaded a free e-book of quotes from Hubspot and was looking through it to find something that resonated with me. Here’s my favorite:

“People don’t want to be sold. People want news and information about the things they care about.”

That hit a chord.

I get 10 cold calls a day if you count emails. I used to try to be courteous and get back to people to let them know I was not interested but

a) I don’t have time for the debate that generally ensues

b) I may not be in the market for the “solution.”

c) Why should I be polite when someone interrupted my day with no reason to expect that their contact would be useful to me and then require a response?

So, a while back, I wrote a “Dear John,” letter to cold callers over at Social Media Explorer. Some salespeople took it amiss.

What is it like getting cold called? Imagine that you are taking a walk on a nice, autumn day, or that you’re grocery shopping, or mowing your lawn.  Someone comes up to you and tells you that they can help you save tax by using their new program called Tax Alert.  Now what would make that person think that this is appropriate behavior? Let’s see. You do file taxes. You do want to save as much tax as possible. That’s sort of the rationale that a sales person has for contacting you at work to see if you might want to spend 20 minutes of your time hearing them talk about a “solution” to one of your business needs.

That approach used to work. Now it doesn’t. Fortunately, there are options.

If I am trying to figure out the solution to a business problem like improving my marketing or hiring better or finding an analytics package, here’s my process:

  •  I’ll ask people I trust to recommend someone they have used and can strongly recommend.
  • Second, I’ll do  my own research.  This process takes time.  I’ll search online for answers to some of the questions I have.
  • I’ll attend conferences where I can learn more about the issue and listen to people speak about the topic in a helpful way.
  • I’ll discover blogs that are useful (run by companies that sell the services.)
  • I will find people to follow on Twitter who share useful links.

This is how I’ll start to find a way to understand and solve my problem.

Notice the common thread in my process:

I need



answers to questions

useful connections


If you’re there for an interested audience, there is a chance that they will buy your product or hire you.  What is that chance?  One thing for sure, it’s better than your chance of winning a customer by cold calling and the real beauty of being useful is that sometimes, your customer will call you.


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  1. How to Blog
    October 18, 2020 | 9:08 pm

    Bottom-line: People just don’t care how much you knew about your product or how great a marketer you are. What they want to know is how you make sure they are comfortable while choosing products and how you make sure they’d be getting a good deal and a top quality product. In short, they want to know you care. After realizing such, then you don’t need to push them to buying. Marketers should realize that the more you promote the more customers resist. But when you offer help and set your sales aside they’d opt to buying more.

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