The Single Question That Helps You Rock Your Facebook Page


Have you been posting on Facebook and hearing crickets from your readers?

Ask yourself one question before you update your page:

Is this worth sharing?

The power of Facebook is about sharing with your friends but the rocket fuel of your page is when your friends share with their friends.  So if 5% of the 200 people who like your page(that’s 10 people) share with their friends, and each one has 200 friends, you reach 2,000 people.

Sure, not everything you post can be a home run, but asking yourself this question will help you understand when you’re not getting through.  What kinds of things are worth sharing? If you need a prompt, here are some of the kinds of things that people tend to share. Keep in mind that they need to relevant to your brand and your community:

  • Amazing, beautiful or fascinating photos or videos
  • Heartwarming stories
  • Inside information about your company that surprises people
  • Great offers or coupons
  • Posts that recognize something true about your community that everyone can relate to, especially if it’s funny or touching

Think about yourself.  What have you seen on Facebook, or anywhere else, that makes you want to hit the like button, add your voice by commenting, or send a link to a friend and say, “hey, have you seen this?”


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  1. Spatch Merlin
    October 17, 2020 | 8:45 pm

    The use of FaceBook in marketing a product or service can produce astonishing results. However, with the use of social media, one is actually promoting his or her brand. Hence, make you listed as a “reliable source.” Posts should be screened and must contain genuine information.

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