How Facebook Improves Your Chances of Success 150 Times


If you were to assign points to the different types of marketing there are, the one with the highest value would be word of mouth.

People simply trust virtually anyone else making a statement about your business before they trust your own statements about your business. So they’ll want to know what some random person thought of your restaurant or your clothing shop before making a buying decision. And if one of their trusted friends tells them they should or should not buy a product, it pretty much trumps everything.

That’s where Facebook comes in.

You may believe that your Facebook page is about communicating with the people who like your business.  A more enlightened view of the purpose of Facebook is that you’re creating a space for your community to talk to each other. But (as they say in infomercials) there much, much more to Facebook.

The real power of Facebook is in the friends of the people who like your Facebook page.

If you have 200 Likes, your potential reach, assuming the average number of friends per person, your potential reach on Facebook is 30,000. If you have 1,000Likes, that number is 150,000.

If you can get one person to share your post with his or her friends, you have just extended your reach 150 times (and possibly much, much more).  An what’s more, it wasn’t you making a statement about your business, it was a person’s Facebook friend tsharing that information. Much, much more convincing!

So, first things first:  take Facebook for business much more seriously.  And second, when you post to Facebook, ask yourself this:  Is what I’m saying worth sharing?



4 Responses to How Facebook Improves Your Chances of Success 150 Times
  1. curt rice
    November 16, 2020 | 5:59 am

    Great post. The value of “sharing” on fb is huge, cf:

    How I use my blog and Twitter to get on op-ed pages

  2. Eric Brown
    December 4, 2020 | 1:35 am

    Llana, Good Evenging,
    Facebook can be Word of Mouth on steroids, but it is just a channel The real challenge for marketers is in giving prospects and customers something meaningful to talk about surrounding your brand. If we were all Apple or something similair it seems that would be an easier task, but we are not.

    I question what we sometimes use on Facebook to get people
    talking, meaning many times it has little correlation to the brand, such as a Facebook pet contest for a furniture store. Yes, it drove up “Engagement” and was very Shareable” but is it the right engagement, or is any engagement welcome and of value.

    Any insight about that?

    BTW; I am a huge fan of what you have accomplished at Lion, Bravo!

    • Ilana
      December 4, 2020 | 8:05 am

      Hi Eric, thanks for your comment. You make a great point. I didn’t address it in my post but it absolutely matters how you get those Facebook likes in the first place. If you bribe people to join your community, the likelihood that they will be engaged with your content is low. They came in for the wrong reason. Creating engaging content isn’t easy but it is easier if you either are your typical customer or you can put yourself very easily in her shoes. Figuring out what your community wants and needs from you as a business is the goal. Empathy and caring are the path. Off topic conversations are part of it because as humans, we don’t want to come to your Facebook page and be all about business. For a furniture store, a pet contest probably doesn’t make sense unless the contest is about sharing a picture that shows how much your pet loves your new sofa. If something like that drives engagement and shares, then it probably hit a chord with people. The relationship with your community is a long term activity and on the way to a purchase, it may take a winding route through off-topic, but relevant conversations.

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