Want Sales? Make Meaning.


One of my favorite quotes from the business books I’ve read this year is from Michael Stelzner’s book, Launch.  He says, “Marketing messages are friction.”  In the context of the analogy he uses in his book of your business as rocket ship, this is a great image. The messages that tout the features of your product used to work when the only option for marketers was the 60 second spot or the page of print advertising.

Nobody willfully watches commercials any more.  They opt in to hear your messages if those messages are useful, inspiring or insightful. If all  you have to offer is better, faster, cleaner or shinier, it won’t mean much to consumers.  People want you to improve their lives, create a more meaningful experience, make them feel hopeful, more creative or better equipped to face the world.  That’s a tall order.

This company gets it.  Watch this inspiring video called Lifecycle.  It’s about something big. It’s about making your life better, about creativity,

When you see it, you feel something.  When you see it you are willing to click through to the page of the amazing company that created it.

What are they selling? T-shirts.  But now their t-shirts have context and meaning.  They come from someone who you care about and who cares about you.  Their t-shirts are not a commodity.

Now, isn’t that better than saying “buy my t-shirt?” because it’s softer or cheaper or prettier?



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