3 Steps To A Social Media Strategy


People stepping into social media for the first time ask this (wise) question:  “How do I  use social media to grow my brand or my business?”  But that question can only be asked after three other questions have been answered.  Find the answers to these three questions and you’ll be well on your way to determining your social media strategy.


  1. What makes me special among all the other people doing essentially what I do?  If you’re having trouble with this question, read this article from Forbes. It’s the age old question of a “unique selling proposition.”
  2. Who are the people I want to serve and who I can help the most? I’ve heard Pamela Slim ask this in a more concise way as “Who are my peeps?” And yes, you have to choose, because mass marketing is pretty much dead.  By choosing who you sell to you will turn some people off.  Go ahead.  The people who you want to reach won’t wonder if you’re the right company, product or service, they’ll know, because you’ve nailed their unique needs.
  3.  How can I help them now and every single week, before they decide to buy, even though what I’m helping them with may make it unnecessary for them to buy from me?  This question helps build trust and demonstrates that when it comes to your niche, you are the seat of authority.

Marketing 101 was always about the first two.  Social media requires you to add number three.  If you’re a healthcare provider, teach people to be healthier; if you are a business coach give people your best wisdom on building a business; if you are a restauranteur, share your menus and even your recipes. It seems inadvisable to share information about how you do what you do. But if you aren’t open about some details of your business, you won’t be able to create a community that chooses to hear from you. That’s one of the principles of social media.  You need to create content that draws people in. It’s our only hope in a world where attention is the most valuable commodity for a business.


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