8 Inexpensive, Highly Effective Ways You Could Be Making Better Use Of Video


In just the last couple of years, it has become so much easier to make create a video at little or no cost and yet marketers are not taking full advantage of this powerful medium.  Here are 7 different ways you can use your iPhone in combination with YouTube or another video platform and wow your customers at little or no cost.


What’s like to visit your store? To take a behind the scenes tour of your business?

At the Lion Brand Yarn studio, the one-of-a-kind store of Lion Brand Yarn Company, world renowned (for people in our world) designers, artists and authors celebrities come to speak to 50 or 60 people monthly.  In order to share this experience with the rest of the world (up to a million newsletter subscribers and over 200,000 Facebook Likes) we create a 5-minute video interview with each visitor to share on YouTube.  This gives far flung people who are interested, a taste for the celebrity’s personality and message in a way that words on paper can’t convey.


A great way to welcome people to your blog is with a video of the CEO speaking to people.  This is especially effective if the business is a consultancy or personal brand like Chris Brogan.  The personal video introduction is perfect for the “About” page on the blog.


Take a one of a kind event and extend it.  When an influential blogger tweeted at Wolfgang Puck that she enjoyed his restaurant, he made a personal, 30 second video thank her for her tweet. She shared it with her community on and offline and is forever loyal to his brand.


At Lion Brand, our spokesperson is Vanna White.  She uses and loves the yarn that bears her name and she is an avid crocheter.  It costs a bit to have Vanna travel to make an appearance and the number of people who could see her is limited.  Instead, we took a trip to her home, videotaped her for a few hours and got 10 videos that will live on YouTube indefinitely and be seen by thousands. You get a feel for her home, her personality and her relationship to the product she puts her name to.


As a manufactuer, you can produce a video that demonstrates a product and makes it come alive outside of its box.  My company made a video demonstrating the loom we co-branded with Martha Stewart and it has been viewed over 63,000 views in less than 4 months.

Sephora’s demonstration of a magnetic nail polish received over 210,000 views in in less than 4 months. If your product lends itself to a demonstration that the package on a shelf just can’t convey, video is the perfect marketing vehicle.


I got a personal pitch from someone who asked me to write about the first woman to trek to the South pole on my blog.  She sent me a YouTube video that mentioned my name and even referenced a personal interest of mine.  Although I didn’t write about it because of relevance, I never forgot it.  The personal message made an impression. It was an extremely effective pitch.


Another version of the personal approach to using video is to answer a question posed by one individual and respond by name.  The answer will likely help many people.  On Exploring Social Media, Jason Falls’ social media membership site, I asked a question, and within a few minutes I was tickled to find a video response from Jason answering my question and mentioning me by name.  It was like having my own personal consultant.

There’s a new video question and answer site called Vyou, that allows people to queue up questions for you and you can respond with video answers.  Take a look at some of the video responses from one of the most prolific people on social media, Deepak Chopra.


Pamela slim explains how to start off your 2012 planning on a blog post in a way that is much simpler to follower and easier to digest than if you had to reach an explanation for the same thing.  Teaching on video is a natural use of the medium.

Of all the media of social media, so far, video is the most personal.  It’s easy to follow and inexpensive to produce. Why not make it a more important part of your marketing mix in 2012?


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    [...] as if you’re still sticking a stamp on all your letters and taking them to the post office. Here are eightinexpensive, highly effective ideas for using video to wow your readers that you can implement [...]

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