What is the Most Important Factor In your Social Media Strategy?


I heard Simon Sinek speak a few months ago about the Power of Why.  It was an incredibly inspiring and impactful presentation. And it takes a lot of make an impression these days since there is so much content out there.His point was that what matters more than what you do or how you do it is why you do it.  Go watch the video from his Ted Talk. It will be well worth your time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why we do all this social media stuff since it is so damn time consuming and distracting.  Why you do it does matter. Do you do it for the Klout? Do you do it for the money? Do you do it for the attention? Do you do it because it’s your job? Do you do it because everyone else is doing it?  Recently Chris Sacca (someone you should follow on Twitter whose handle is @sacca) tweeted this:

“Conversations are better when no one is keeping score.  Dance like no one’s watching. Sing like no one’s listening. Tweet like no algorithm is coldly deciding your social worth.”

It matters why.

Answering the question of why you are engaging in social media is more important than what you are doing because this is what will determine your plan.

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