The Best Podcasts For Marketers


Trying to keep up with the latest wisdom in marketing means reading a lot of books, blogs, attending conferences, following the twitter stream and more. But listening to podcasts is what I find personally to be most inspirational.  It’s a time commitment—these podcasts are often 30-60 minutes long-but hearing ideas go back and forth between interesting, smart people in a spontaneous way is a great way to learn.

The value packed into these podcasts is incredible.  Advice, interviews with great leaders, marketers and business people in general are all free.  These podcasts have hard tactical ideas, they occasionally introduce me to new people who are interesting, and people I would not discover by reading blogs in the marketing echo chamber.

People I work with often wonder how I manage to stay on the cutting edge of what happens in marketing. Lisgtening to podcasts over the last few years is one of the ways I have been able to do this.

I look forward to each of the podcasts in this list the same way that I look forward to a new episode of an a great TV show like The Wire, (which I just recently got into), or Mad Men which I guess makes me some kind of a geek but so be it.

The Six Pixels Podcast

Mitch Joel puts out an incredible amount of content. One wonders how he runs a sizeable agency. I was amazed when I heard his latest podcast with Marcus Sheridan recorded on December 25th.

When an important author comes out with a new marketing book, he or she does the rounds. I listen to most of the interviews and can’t help but compare them. Mitch generally asks the most thought provoking, hardest questions.  As a matter of fact, the phrase that comes to mind first when I think about Mitch’s blog and podcast is “thought provoking.”  So if you want spoon fed bullet pointed information like “25 ways to move your prospects down the sales funnel” don’t listen to these podcasts.  If you want forward thinking, ethical, smart, inspiring ideas about media, Six Pixels is stellar.

BlogCast FM

Srinivas Rao interviews a lot of interesting people, some of whom I have never heard of, so I get a chance to discover up and coming bloggers.  One of the things I love about his interviews is that he is clearly interviewing them so he can learn what they have to teach for his own benefit.  That’s a good thing because he is speaking for us when he speaks to them.  He is open about his struggles to build his own business which is refreshing.  In 2012 there will be changes to this podcast as one of the business partners changes and I look forward to them.  It sounds like they’ll be moving in a good direction.

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch has written what I consider the ultimate definition of marketing and I think he is the best resource for basic marketing information for small business owners.  His podcasts focus on marketing topics but not always digital marketing so you’ll get information about branding and general business challenges and ideas that go beyond marketing.  He interviews all the well-known names in marketing as well as some lesser known names in marketing. If it’s an important topic in marketing and

The Accidental Creative

This isn’t a strictly marketing podcast but if you’re in marketing you need to stay creative.  As a marketer you’ve got to be generating ideas, writing, doing visual creating or all of these activities.  This podcast gives you ideas for getting unstuck, being productive, and doing better work.  I’ve recently discovered this podcast and gotten good tips, inspiration and a regular reminder that marketing is a creative endeavor and not just a strategic and tactical job.

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