Can Your Facebook Page Be Profitable?


Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a direct relationship between Facebook posts and revenue?  It would be so much easier to justify the time spent on Facebook or any social media platform for that matter.  You’d just post an update to facebook, link it to a product and check the balance in your account.

Of course that is not how social media works because social media is not sales.  It’s a process of creating a relationship and it takes time.  It’s a process that gives you the right at some point along the way to ask for something.  You know how it works with relationships in real life so why is it so hard to grasp in social media?  You build close and loose ties with people over the years.  There are different levels of relationships with people based on how much time and effort you put into those relationships. There are people you could ask to buy Girl Scout cookies from your daughter because they are acquaintances and there are those that you could ask to drive you to the airport.  You earn the right to ask people for things.

Recently I attended a networking event where people where introducing themselves, asking each other about their work and exchanging business cards.  One person was literally pitching his business as soon as he was introduced, holding up an iPad with a Power Point demonstration and selling as he said hello at a casual networking event.  Not surprisingly, people were giving him a wide berth.  If you’re attempting to have that kind of relationship with people on your Facebook page-pitching your products or services with every post-you’re not going to have any friends.  They won’t engage with you, let alone, be willing to help you out when you ask for a favor.

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and any social network can indeed be profitable but it happens over time and not necessarily directly.  You build trust through helpful, useful content and by connecting other people-by creating a relationships over time and by building a community.  You may discover that the social venue is not ever the right place to ask for the sale.  You may ask them to visit your website or sign up for your newsletter to do business with you .  But ultimately, you’ll never get to the sale without that social interaction.

So the answer to the question of whether it will be profitable is yes.  The profit, though, like the value of a friendship, doesn’t pay off at “hello.”


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