A Simple Device For When You Don’t Know What To Do In Social Media


This blog is about marketing that is personal, creative and emotional.  That type of marketing used to be limited to friendly shopkeeper and their walk-in customers.

But we have evolved away from being human in business. We aren’t adept at communicating with the people in a way that’s personal, creative and emotional.  We are used to speaking through our advertising agency or through marketing messages that came from someone in the marketing department talking to a target audience.

Yet in the world outside of the office, this isn’t a mystery to us.  We know how to behave in a social way, whether we are having coffee with a friend or going to a party.  Social media is not face-to-face.  That’s the difference.  Yet we need to hire consultants and read blogs and books to figure it out.  And we definitely do.  Because a business person talking to one or more consumers is not what we’re used to.

Here’s a little trick that might help.  When you post to Facebook or send a tweet, pretend you’re human.

Here’s an exampe of how to solve a social media problem. People often ask, “What do I do if someone on Facebook starts criticizing the company?”

Imagine you throw a party and one of the guests comes up to you and within earshot of many people criticizes you so everyone can hear?  Is it true? Is it unfair? Did you make a mistake that can be corrected? Now at a party, it would not be polite to loudly criticize one individual, but Facebook is not exactly a party and it’s not even really your party but it’s as close an analogy as possible so let’s think it through.

If they are criticizing you in an unreasonable and unfair way, if you have a good reputation and are well-liked, others will jump in to defend you.  In a situation like this, sometimes the best thing to do is to let the person stew for a minute and let your defenders take the lead.  But sometimes it’s still necessary for you to respectfully defend yourself.  If you were in the wrong, or if the conversation gets heated no matter who is right, the best thing to do is to tell the person you’d like to speak privately.  If someone is downright mean, aggressive or abusive, you ask them to leave.

The thing you have to worry about is the situation where your own actions have been seriously wrong in ways that can be very damaging to your image. You have two choices. First, you can make amends, and do things to improve your reputation, like getting involved in charitable causes and change your behavior or you can stop going to parties.  The only problem is that people will talk about you at other peoples’ parties and maybe even in the news.   That’s life in social media.

Since you are human and you don’t have pretend, you just have to remember.



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