Why Is Pinterest So Popular?


As a brand, if you love Pinterest, it’s simple:  you’re getting outrageously high traffic from it.  After everything you’ve done to try to get people to discover your site, from banner ads to social media efforts, one day you are looking at your traffic sources from Google Analytics, and lo and behold, near the top of the list is Pinterest.  Of course you love it.

From the user’s point of view, it appeals to higher needs.

The Delight of Discovery

The world is at your fingertips on the web.  Only problem is that it’s like a giant vat of undistinguished information.  Any start-up that helps to solve this problem wins.  And, Pinterest helps.  It’s organized into meaningful categories. It’s presented in an easily digestible way—with images.  And the unstructured comments from people who have pinned the item are believable and useful.  Let’s hope that businesses don’t start polluting the system.

The Drive for Creativity

Pinterest appeals to your desire everyone’s desire to be creative.  I don’t care if you’re an analyst at a bank or a web developer.  You know in your gut that the only way to make your mark on the world and feel great in the process is by getting outside your mundane way of doing things and sparking new ideas.  Pinterest’s idea boards give you a palette on which to create your art. And that’s practically the definition of creativity—when disparate ideas come together to create something new.

The Promise of a Better Future

Neuroscientists have shown that visualization can be a powerful tool in helping to create your future. If you’re planning for the future—whether it’s a party, a room decoration or a client project—Pinterest offers the hope that you will have the resources you need at your fingertips when you’re ready to launch. With all of the means we have to save information, from digital systems to paper systems, Pinterest is more than just another tool.  The Pinterest system collects information and links in the simplest possible way and helps you visualize the future.  

The Pull of Emotion

Images possess so much information and a powerful image evokes emotion.  Emotion is the drive that moves us to act.  The focus on Pinterest is in curating the most beautiful and moving images, which when presented in an orderly way, are a direct line to the motivating force within you-your emotions.

It’s Addictive

Anyone who has spent time looking around in Pinterest knows that like many forms of social media, most notably Facebook, there is an addictive quality to it. The reason it is so addictive can be found in the sections above.

The question, however, is will it last?  The essentials for a great social platform are there.  It can and will last if the developers make regular changes to keep up with the needs of users and the legal issues that arise.  The fact is, that if Facebook hadn’t been constantly changing the way it works, we could have seen it disappear along with MySpace. Now it’s up to Pinterest to change and innovate beyond the original brilliant concept to keep up with competitors and users changing needs.


2 Responses to Why Is Pinterest So Popular?
  1. mark ivey
    March 13, 2020 | 5:24 pm

    Nice piece Ilana and you hit it on the head with Pinterest. I’d also add it’s easy to use and very shareable-one click. That opens the door for millions of people (like my cousin in Texas, a school teacher) who don’t have the skills, inclination or time to blog. Easy to use, frictionless visual platforms are here to stay…

  2. Ilana Rabinowitz
    March 13, 2020 | 5:50 pm

    Thanks Mark Two excellent additions to the list. As a matter of fact the complete list is a good guide to what makes a social media platform successful.

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