The 4 Magic Words Of Copywriting


Copyblogger wrote a post about the 4 word subject line that gets an email opened more than any other.  Since Copyblogger is the best site, hands down, for writing copy that sells, I think this finding is profound.

The four words are:

“You are not alone”

It confirms everything I’ve read about copywriting. People want to be heard and understood.  In the four words, “You are not alone” is the suggestion that you are understood.

On the surface, it looks like the real draw is that others are in the same boat. But, while misery may like company, I don’t believe that is what draws people to open an email with this subject line.  It’s the feeling that you are going to hear something from the writer that acknowledges your plight.

Those four words alone will not help.  Your content has to deliver your interpretation of the problem as seen from the eyes of the reader.  That is the hard part.  Can you really put yourself into the shoes of the people you want to reach?  Do you understand them well enough to verbalize the feelings and concerns they have that your problem can solve? Does your product truly solve the problem? If you can answer “yes” to all those questions, you’ll be providing value on a level that goes beyond a business transaction.

The high value placed on these words indicates the importance of listening and understanding the people who buy from you.  While may sound a bit touchy feely, remember, it gets results. Caring about customers is good business.


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