C2-MTL: A Business Conference That Could Change The Way You Do Business


Imagine going to a conference where the take-away wasn’t to-do list, but a paradigm shift in the way you thought about your work.

Last May, I attended the C2-MTL Conference (which stands for Commerce & Creativity in Montreal,) and the experience was unlike that of any conference I’ve attended. It was an immersive experience in creativity, innovative ideas, and inspiration that opened my mind to new  possibilities in my business life. I wrote a post for Social Media Explorer that touched on one insight from the conference, which was a way to reimagine retail—an industry where I believe the key players are on the brink of innovating or disappearing.

In fact, C2-MTL showed by example, how to reimagine the business conference itself. In a world where the internet and live streaming of conferences could make in-person travel to a location obsolete, it was clear that “you had to be there” applied to this event in spades.

The first confirmed speakers for this coming May were just announced yesterday:

  • Philippe Starck, Architect and Designer
  • Elle MacPherson, Founder and Creative Director, Elle MacPherson Intimates and The Body, and Executive Producer and Host, Britain’s Next Top Model
  • Tom Gentile, CEO, GE Healthcare Systems
  • John Mackey, Co-Founder and CEO, Whole Foods
  • Arkadi Kuhlmann, Founder and former CEO, ING Direct
  • Bobbi Brown, Founder and CCO, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  • Blake Mycoskie, Founder and CEO, TOMS
  • Chris Bangle, former Chief of Design, BMW Group
  • Fred Dust, Partner, IDEO
  • Stephan Ouaknine, Founder and CEO, Inerjys
  • Andy Nulman, President, Just For Laughs
  • Neri Oxman, Designer and Director, Mediated Matter group, MIT Media Lab

If you’d like a sense of the experience of C2-MTL, here’s a video with scenes from the prior event.

In a rapidly changing business environment, innovating is the only option for a sustainable business. You can’t teach creativity, but C2-MTL provides an inspiring and energizing experience that helps you see possibilities for generating the kind of radical change that will make a difference.

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