Creative Work Should Be Treated Differently


When someone delivers a creative piece of writing, a design for your ad, a photograph for your profile, or simply inspires you in some way, don’t just take it and move on. Pay attention, and openly and wholeheartedly express your appreciation.

The reason you’ll need to pay attention, is because creative work doesn’t always come from the people who are in the creative department. And, not every piece of writing or design is creative.  Creativity can be found everywhere and sometimes where you least expect it-even from your analyst or assistant.

The reason it’s so important to notice is that creative work should be treated differently. That is if you ever want more of it. And really, that is all you should ever want.

To produce creative work, a person has to reach deep down, take a risk, and open herself up.  So when you see creative work, you’ll know it because it has heart. It surprises. It makes you, or your customers, or your followers light up a little.

First, stop and notice,  and then make sure that you show your appreciation directly to the creator. Don’t just delight in it and move on.

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