Social Media Is So Simple. Why So Many Still Get It Wrong.


It’s been a mystery to me why so many companies including some of the largest brands, still get social media wrong.  They don’t have the community you would think they’d have and they don’t have the engagement.  At this point, hopefully it’s not because they are still wondering if social media makes sense as part of the marketing mix.

And then I realized what it is. Just because the the way to get what you want in any area of life is simple and clear, doesn’t mean people will do it.

The best example is staying healthy.  What could be more essential to your ability to enjoy life than your health?  Yet many of us are walk around listless and overweight and on our way to a future where serious illness is inevitable.  The answer to staying healthy is simple: exercise regularly and eat healthy.  Unfortunately the immediate urge is to satisfy the food craving and sit on the sofa.

The way to succeed in social media is just as simple. Provide useful and/or inspiring information. Listen to people and converse with them in a human way.  The rest is just detail.

The payback in social is also a long-term project that involves giving up the immediate satisfaction-like promoting your products and company much of the time in exchange for the long term goal of establishing trust and building relationships.

So, if you social media activities aren’t living up to your expectations ask yourselves if you are going for the corporate equivalent of eating cheese fries while spending the weekend watching football.  You know what to do.  That’s not it.



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