What’s The Difference Between A Successful Product and A Successful Company?


Unless you’re Apple, it’s not about your product.

I don’t buy from Amazon because of their products. I buy because of their selection and the fast service and ease of purchasing. I don’t buy from Patagonia because of their winter coats. I buy from Patagonia because of the meaning Patagonia creates through their environmental and social responsibility and their devotion to exceptional quality and satisfaction with a lifetime guarantee. I don’t buy from Nike because of their shoes. I buy from Nike because they can improve my fitness and health. I don’t buy from Target because they are a department store in my neighborhood. I buy from Target because their product selection and store layout makes it fun to shop and because they support the arts and culture with free events that I’ve enjoyed in my neighborhood.

Having said that, there are plenty of people who buy from companies because they have the cheapest price.  But they’re fickle and no company can rely on that business.

Your product is a commodity.  Unless you are NOT interchangeable with every other product like it.  Good products are table stakes in business because the number of products and choice that consumers have has proliferated.

How you differentiate your offerings is more important than ever and getting more important by the minute.  Create extraordinary experiences around your product. Create meaning through social responsibility, political action, or business values.

Today, good behavior is also good business. What a nice turn of events.

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